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She stumbled across an old house that gave off a familiar feeling to her, but she had no memory of its existence nor could she seem to put a face to the woman who took her inside and nursed her back to health.

The condition that Valshe was in when she was taken in was very grim. The nymph could barely keep herself on her feet and was covered in fresh wounds that bled heavily leaving her feeling like she wasn’t even on earth but on death’s door. Especially with how much blood she had lost she was even ‘seeing things’ that weren’t there.

More specifically she swore she could see the very man who had been out to kill her in the first place upon finding out of her existence within the thick forests not far from the large building she now resided in for safety. The blonde would see him every now and then in one of the rooms or she felt like she was being followed and was always on edge, looking behind her with every little sound that she heard that was not made by herself when she was on her own.

She made her way into the large library that she would always be found in on a daily basis; it was her favorite place after all. The amount of books in her perspective were never ending and full of things that she had never learned about before about the world around her as she had been born from the earth itself and lived in the forests as its protector since a very young age.

Upon entering, the usually cheery and interesting atmosphere of the room had turned dark as she made her way around the shelves towards the large wooden desk in the back of the room. It put her on edge. Her heart was already racing a mile a minute and it was becoming painful with the dark aura that surrounded her.

The aura surrounding her alone was enough to be able to kill her. Having been born on holy grounds and as a holy protector of nature, Valshe had a very bad fatal allergy when it came to dark beings and their dark powers and with the way her heart was already trying to go into anaphylactic shock with the aura alone, she knew this man was no human.

Turning the corner, the nymph suddenly found herself on the floor incapacitated for a short moment as she tried to get her bearings on what had just happened before a sharp pain caught her attention. Wide olive hues looked down at the source of the pain and spotted a foot pressing down harshly on one of the recovering wounds that she had gotten just days prior due to a previous attack.

Slowly raising her gaze, her eyes followed the foot up to the leg it was attached to before fearful eyes stopped on the very face of the one who currently had her pinned down using her wounds as a way of debilitating her further from any escape.

A menacing and psychotic smile pulled at the rather dishevelled looking man’s lips as he looked down at her; he’d been following her even inside of the building, just how the hell did he even get inside without being seen?!

A pained cry left her as his foot added pressure on the wound, causing her to writhe slightly under his assault and gripped at his ankle digging her nails in painfully as she tried to get him off or at least relieve the pressure and pain that she was in.

Somewhere along the line, Valshe had managed to escape from her attacker and staggered slightly through the maze of hallways of the building. For some reasons he couldn’t remember which one went where as her mind was flooded with fear and her instinct for flight kicked in as she tried her best to find the nearest exit or safe place away from her perpetrator. There was no telling exactly what he would do to her in such a state already.

Finally, she had managed to find a small closet in which she could fit in and also lock from the inside. It was the safest place in which she had found so far and it was proving to have been the best choice so far as of yet.

Seconds turned to minutes.

Minutes began to feel like hours.

The silence was only making her feel more on edge than before.

Slowly, Valshe made her way out of her hiding spot as she heard the voice of her care taker calling for her. The lady’s voice was the only one that she considered as a safe hint so the naïve nymph followed the direction of her caretaker’s voice only to come to a standstill at the bone chilling sight in front of her on the other side of the hallway.

There stood the insane man who was out to kill her, with her caretaker beside him being held up only by a rope too thin to be anything but a coarse string around her neck attached to the ceiling which was only evident due to the angle of the string and the wound it was quickly causing around the soft flesh.

The lady’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth were all weeping blood as though she had suffered a very traumatic and painful death which came from a serious amount of blunt force trauma to the brain one way or another.

If she was dead, then that meant that she had been tricked into revealing where she was hiding.
But all thought of escape and her life, something inside of the nymph that hated violence and was innocent to most things in the world had snapped.

Valshe’s eyes were wide and still full of fear but there was also something else that accompanied it that she didn’t even know of. All she knew was that she saw red and didn’t know of her own actions as her body moved on its own.

She grabbed the nearest sharp object that would make the most damage even fatally and lunged at the man with all her might, driving the weapon she had picked up into his chest where she knew that the heart was located only to freeze up when he only let out a menacing laugh.

“No… T-that should have worked…” Her voice was meek, barely above a shaky whisper as she came to realize her own actions and the fact that for some reason, the man was still alive. Before her mind could make sense of it all or what was to come next and the danger she was in, Valshe felt something sharp force its way through her own chest—


An ear piercing scream left the blonde as she suddenly sat up in bed, eyes wide and hyperventilating. She was covered in a cold sweat as she looked around the darkness that surrounded her and swallowed harshly as she tried to force herself to calm down and remember that it was only a dream.

That none of it was real.

That she was still at home safe but the pain had felt so real that it had shocked her awake.

Never before had she had a dream felt so real, or on something that had happened in her past before she had come to the living situation she was in and the job she did for a living with people she enjoyed working with that made it all enjoyable.

“Nngh… Valshe?... What’s wrong?” Minato’s sleep groggy voice broke the silence in the room as he had been woken up by her sudden jerking movements after the nightmare she had just had and slowly sat up. He yawned barely awake and waited patiently for an answer but all he got was the sight of the blonde vocalist’s silhouette rush to the bathroom and the sound of vomiting coming from the very direction she had gone in causing him to pull a face in both disgust but worry.
Plagued by the Past [1/?]
Title: Plagued by the Past
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: M/R
Band/Artists: Valshe, Minato, others to be determined in later chapters.
Pairing: Valshe + Minato
Warning: Contains scenes of horror, gore, cussing and mature content nsfw.
Next: N/A

Guess what, I'm still alive!
It's been almost 2 years since I've actually added anything to here and made a story but I'm trying to make up for that and get this all going again!
My god.... I have been inactive on here for so long now but it isn't my fault. Every time I want to continue one of the fanfics I have started or make a new one or oneshot, I go straight back into a writer's block and it's getting really annoying. It's like my brain doesn't want me to function how I want to and to not be such a lazy ass all the time. 
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Jun, or Nate
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United Kingdom
About me?...

I am 20 years old and I do not normally go by my normal name, so you may call me either Ruki, Ru, anything you want to call me as long as I like it~...

I am English and I am a lover of Jrock. It is one of the only genres of music in which I listen to, I barely listen to English songs anymore.

I don't care what others say about me, it is their own opinion and it will just be considered nonsense if it is in a negative way.

I am easily angered but I sometimes tend to not show that but when I do you will know straight away.

Other than that I am a nice person but I do not normally have very good social skills ><

I do roleplay, call me crazy if you wish I do not mind, I'll just agree unless I want to argue for the fun of it.

A few people I rp with: :iconmultiboxfox::iconrimatouya-erukafrog::iconrikunura::iconaidouhanabusaa::icontruexsweet::iconsacredscreaming89::iconkurayami666::iconsuper-cheesexd: ...and that's about it from the people from here that I rp with ^^; ...

Deviations and stories i'm working on:
-Bou's leaving presents
Chapter 10 = 45%

-SuG - Love Hurts
Chapter 5 = 50%

-The GazettE
Truth or Dare? chap 3 = 25%
Hesitating Means Death 02 = 75%

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Current Residence: England, UK
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, JRock, Kpop
Favourite style of art: traditional, photography, literature. digital
MP3 player of choice: Phone
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric, Monkey D. Luffy, Agito/Akito Wanijima, Yoh Asakura, Senri Shiki, etc
Personal Quote: "I don't care what you think, I am my own person with my own mind and heart."

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